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Flour Semolina


When most wheats are milled, the endosperm, or heart of the wheat kernel, breaks down into a fine, powdery flour. Durum’s endosperm is hard enough to hold together creating a granular product called semolina.

Semolina is used almost exclusively for making pasta. When mixed with water it forms a stiff dough that is forced through dies, or metal discs with holes, to create hundreds of pasta shapes. Since durum’s endosperm is yellow, and not creamy-white like other wheats, it gives pasta its pleasing yellow hue.

Semolina flour is available coarsely ground or ground twice for a fine texture.

Besides pasta, semolina flour is occasionally used for gnocchi (an Italian dumpling), couscous, and a variety of other baked goods. It is interesting to note that Italian pasta makers never refer to semolina as flour – they refer to it as grain.

Our Semolina is Kosher & Organic Certified